About Kéa and Co

We love what we do! How lucky are we to be able to select cool products for kids and families like you on a daily basis. We love connecting with you on Social and seeing you at community events. Our Essentials Collection allows us to provide products you love at accessible prices and our Boutique Collection allows us to showcase the gifts and talents of artists, artisans and crafters.

If you live in Vancouver, or happen to be visiting, join us at these upcoming events: 

We are continuously learning and growing and we love that we are doing that along side of all of you.

Some more about us:

    • We are a small, family owned and operated business based in North Vancouver, British Columbia
    • We love to travel and can’t wait to be in your community checking out new products. Some of our favourite places include Majorca, Costa Rica, Amalfi Coast, Croatia, Peru, Ecuador and BC's Sunshine Coast. We plan to be in Bali in October next year!
    • Kea and Co is named after Mikéa (Kéa for short), our Founder’s youngest daughter, also pictured above.
    • We have a total of four children in our family - Mikéa, the youngest who is 9 years old, Jalen our basketball superstar - 16 years old and Anika 10 years old, our pre-teen and soon to be adult ;) and Kyla our 23 year old who lives on her own and is the Senior Interior Designer Lead for Kéa and Co's Designers Corner
    • Our playtime in the winter includes skiing. We're lucky to have many local mountains like Whistler, Cypress, Seymour and Grouse close by! In the summer, our playtime includes hiking, biking and swimming. This summer, our absolute fav was Hornby Island - a bit of a trek to get to, but so worth it!

That’s it for now! Look forward to sharing more and getting to learn more about all of you.

Cheers to living playfully,


On behalf of the team at Kea and Co

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