Our Core Values

Our core values are the foundational pillars of why we do what we do. How we select our products, interact with our community and live playfully are based on these values.

Growth and Development

We support our community and children’s growth and development by providing age appropriate and relevant products that have a positive impact on emotional and psychological health, well being and physical development.

Our Wall Art is pretty to look at, but also provides opportunities for learning and conversation. We select images that speak to favourite hobbies, animals, shapes and colours. We love art that showcases quotes that uplift and inspire and encourage our children to shine.

Our blankets look good and complement different decor, themes and gear, but they are also nourishing and comforting, providing safety, warmth and comfortable environments important for growth and development.

Our play mats encourage activity and stimulation whether it be physical development, motor skill, visual stimulation or brain growth. Children have a natural Inclination to play and these objects supplement their imagination.

Community and Connection

We’re big on community.  Our products and collections are named after friends and families and loved ones. We use our product descriptions as an opportunity to highlight all the special personality traits, characteristics and hobbies of the special people in our lives.

We reach out to our community regularly to help us name new products, themes and collections. We want you to participate and we love feeling a special connection to a product whose namesake is someone we know and are close to.

Playful Living

We love engaging with our community through our social channels, sharing factoids and tidbits of knowledge and learning from you. We strive to encourage living that is playful while encouraging growth and development. A pillow with a polar bear on it is not just a pillow. It’s an opportunity to learn about this amazing animal we have the honour of knowing and sharing this planet with. Our decor adds depth, dimension and texture. The items we select are beautiful pieces to look at, but also hold value in the meaning and function they provide as vehicles for clutter free and organized living.

This is our chance to live our best lives so why not continuously learn and grow and connect and have fun!

Playfully yours,

On behalf of the Kéa and Co team










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