Looking for Modern Mamas!

We are looking for modern mamas to be Guest Contributors to our blog and newsletter. You are perfect for us if: 

  • You are a Mama**
  • You are open to sharing your story
  • You are open to being vulnerable and sharing about the tougher stuff that has helped you to grow
  • You serve the Babes and Mums community, either through your business or volunteer work
  • You align with our Core Values

About the Babes and Mums Blog

Our #babesandmums blog is where you can find information related to what we do. It is a place for us to share what we are up to as a Company, but also to showcase members of our Community. In particular, we will be sharing stories of triumph, heartache, hardship, healing and love. Our intention is inspire learning, growth, playful living and connectedness.

We will be writing about our work in the community and random parenting tips. You'll learn about new products and collections, company and team news, partnerships and collaborations. We will showcase cool stuff "for kids, by kids" including ideas and freebies to keep your little ones creating, happy and engaged.

If you are interested in being a featured Mama, please reach out. We are also open to Creative Collabs with Modern Mama bloggers, writers and entrepreneurs.

At the end of the day, we are all at our best when we are able to uplift and support each other and this is one small way we can do that.

Please send an email to info@keaandco.ca to indicate your interest and to share any ideas and feedback. We will get back to you shortly.

Thank you for your interest!


on behalf of the Team at Kéa and Co


**"Mama" for us includes soon to be Mama's, Pet Mama's, Step Mama's and Mama's without "bio" kids, but who play a nurturing role in a young person's life :)